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The Very Swift Witches

Katie is a single mom, trying to raise her two young teens on the farm she inherited when her parents died in a tragic accident. Abandoned by their father, she’s doing the best she can, but often feels like the weight of the world is going to crush her completely.  But then something magical happens, when three 17th century witches (Emma, 64 and stern; Mary, a natural-born blonde Cougar of 48; and Annalee, their 15-year-old apprentice) appear and bring Magic and Romance and Adventure into her life.

At first confused by the revelation that magic and witches are real,, she’s relieved to learn that, on their day, Witches were known as only Wise Women who had a better understanding of God and Faith than most people. and were not originally evil at all, despite the claims of the Catholic Church.

And when a deadly crisis comes to town, it’s up to the Very Swift Witches to save the day… and, quite possibly, the world!

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PJ and the Other Side of the Mirror

What do you do when you’re a 14 year old orphan girl, and you learn that the ultimate fate of the world rests on your shoulders? That’s the dilemma facing Promise Janelle Merritt, or PJ as she’s known to her friends, when she finds out that she is a long-prophesied Champion who must battle the Devil himself in order to return the power of Magic and Miracles to the world!

Accidentally transported to the legendary Camelot, PJ is trained in magic by none other than the great Merlin, himself, and learns from King Arthur and his Knights just how important her destiny really is! With a company of Elves, Fairies and Immortal Knights, PJ sets out on the ultimate Quest: to locate seven Great Charms that have been hidden in different places and times, and beat Lucifer and his allies to them all. Her adventures will take her into various points of history, including WW2, the Dark Ages, the American Wild West and others, and she’ll find Lucifer’s minions waiting and ready to do all they can to thwart her.

But her own Company gains new members and strengths each time, and is always ready to leap to her aid and defense. Don’t miss this chance to embark on this incredibly exciting quest with the most engaging and determined Heroine to come along in ages!

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Magic Trixie and the Crystal Witch

Magic Trixie is the nine-year-old daughter of a famous stage magician, and knows all of his tricks inside and out. Imagine her surprise, however, when she is suddenly kidnapped and taken to a world where Magic is greater than Science, where her daddy is a Real Magician, and where Trixie herself is the Princess who should have inherited the Throne when her mother Janissa, daughter of the last King, was murdered by her evil sister! Now Trixie is running across the land with one of her daddy’s old friends who helped her escape the witch’s clutches, and seeing just how much her people are suffering. When little Trixie realizes what all of this means, how her people have suffered under her aunt’s cruelty, she decides that it doesn’t matter how young she is–it’s time for a Reckoning! Come along as the entire land rallies behind her as she races back to the castle for an Epic Final Battle!

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Amber: The Grue, Book One

Amber is a normal eighteen year old girl, looking forward to life and her first day on the morning shift at the cafe where she works, until a fateful meeting with a quintet of hungry vampires sets her down a dark and dangerous path. Near death, she accepts when one of the vampires offers a way for her to survive, but something goes wrong. Instead of going back to her old life, Amber becomes something even vampires fear, and must now feed on living human flesh in order to survive. Will she be able to cope with being a monster?

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Angel: The Grue, Book Two

Coming to grips with her new nature, Amber has decided to feed on the most evil people she can find. Horace and the vampires think it’s a great idea, but take it even further, suggesting that they keep a few on hand to ensure that she never goes hungry.

After all, a starving grue is the only thing a vampire truly fears, and Horace explains why in graphic detail!

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