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Welcome to Stormy’s Wonderful World of Magic

I fell in love with all the Disney Movies as a child, and to this day there’s nothing like sitting down with my children or grandchildren and watching the latest Disney Movies, or even the Golden Oldies. The Wizard of Oz was another of my favorite movies growing up. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of magic, with Princesses rescued by Prince Charming, with Fairies, Dwarves, Magic Mirrors and all of those other things that so delight in a fantasy novel or movie.

The first series I began, The Other Side of the Mirror, is about a young girl who learns that she is a long-prophesied champion who must battle Lucifer in order to return the power of Magic and Miracles to our world. When she learns about this destiny, she is magically transported back to the world of Camelot and King Arthur! The Other Side of the Mirror is the first of a series of eight books, which I call The Promise of Magic Series.

My second book, The Very Swift Witches, is about three 17th century witches who are accidentally transported to the Missouri Ozarks of today, where they are adopted by a single mother and her two young teens and end up saving the world!

Then there’s Magic Trixie and the Crystal Witch, the story of a little girl who finds out that she is really the Princess of a Magical Land, where her Wicked Aunt, who stole the throne and murdered her mother, is ruling the world with cruelty and an iron fist! The problem is that even a child with a Royal Heart knows that Tyranny cannot be allowed to stand, and she leads a rebellion that comes to a head in one of the most exciting final battle scenes you’ll ever read. I’m planning a lot more about Trixie in the future!

Are we seeing a pattern, here? Magic…

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