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Let Make A Difference

by Stormy Summers, one of the newest e-book sellers online, is spreading the word to Independent Authors that they have come on the scene with one purpose: to make a difference. The difference they want to make is one that every Independent Author might find intriguing. To put it into simple words, wants to help you make more money, and get paid faster.

Helping you make more money involves several aspects of Book Marketing that plans to become deeply involved in. Blogs, outside ads, podcasts, social media events and other methods will be employed to help promote the books that are offered for sale on the website. These same techniques will be used to promote the authors themselves, as well. The company also plans its own special take on Book Reviewers, known as a Bookady Connoisseur; these folks, including some professional book bloggers, will be rewarded for reading and reviewing your book by being included in a very exclusive Affiliate Program. This program is designed to help them earn money by promoting your books. Their honest reviews will help other readers decide whether your book is right for them.

One of the most interesting aspects of their plan is that none of these things will cost the authors a penny. Signing up for a Publisher Account is, and will always be, absolutely free, and so will almost all of the benefits that are available on the website. This is a company that believes it should earn its profits honestly, by simply selling books. While there are a few small, inexpensive promotional opportunities for authors on the website, isn’t looking to the authors for any income other than the commissions they earn.

The biggest difference, however, is in Bookady’s Royalty Compensation Program. As soon as an order is placed for one of your books, that money is credited directly into your Publisher Account. You can let the money build up for a few days or longer, or you can immediately put in a request to have your money sent directly to you via PayPal. You simply click a button in your Publisher Account to request your payout, and the money will arrive in your PayPal account within twenty-four hours. It’s that simple.

Like many other booksellers, allows you to post as many books as you like, under as many pen names as you wish to use. Each book has a unique link to its sales page, which you can post anywhere online, insert into emails, tweet or scribble on a napkin at your favorite restaurant. That link will take a prospective customer directly to the book’s page, where the customer will choose whether they want EPUB or MOBI format, and can then complete the purchase and download the book. Or, if you want to promote all of your books at once, you can send out a link that will bring them all up on the page together.

As the Publisher, you alone have control over the price of the book. Bookady will never edit the price, but they do provide you with the means of setting a special price for a limited time. This means that you can offer the book for free for a certain period of time while you run a special promotion, or you can discount it during any special event of your own, or one that is run in conjunction with is the brainchild of two Independent Authors. Both of them have been around the business for some time, and understand the efforts and frustrations involved in Self-Publishing. The company and the website were born from a desire to help authors overcome the frustrations and maximize their efforts. The very first thing they wanted to address was how long Authors often have to wait to get paid for books that have already sold.

Once they figured out how to handle that problem, they begin thinking about other ways the website could be of benefit to Independent Authors everywhere. Their marketing plans and other special features came from their own experiences, but they welcome suggestions on other ways to improve the website and its services.

If getting paid quicker and enjoying some free promotion appeals to you, then you might want to sign up at today. They invite you to come and give them a try, test them out, and see if what they have to offer might fit your needs. You’ve got nothing to lose except weeks of waiting to get paid.